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Department of Marine Engineering

Department of Marine Engineering was established in 2008 and started its activities within the Naval Architecture and Maritime Faculty with 50 students since the 2009-2010 academic year. The aim of the Marine Engineering Program opened at Yıldız Technical University is to train qualified Marine Engineers to meet the needs of both our country and the world's maritime fleets. Students are also offered the opportunity to double major with other undergraduate programs at our University. Courses can be taken from different departments, provided that the course content and credit value are appropriate. At least 30% of the courses are taught in English.

The most important aspect of the Marine Engineering Program is that a significant part of the education is practice-oriented. Educational activities; It is held at the Yıldız campus of Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul-Beşiktaş. Although uniform is not compulsory in education in our department, it is mandatory to wear a uniform in accordance with maritime customs and traditions during official ceremonies and events. Provision of uniforms when necessary is the responsibility of the students.

It accepts students with their SAY score in the Student Selection Examination. Application requirements for the department are detailed in the ÖSYM booklet. Following 1 (one) year of English Preparatory and 4-year undergraduate education, graduates will be awarded a bachelor's degree. The education program of Yıldız Technical University, Department of Marine Engineering is in accordance with the A-III/1 and A-III/2 curricula of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) STCW Convention. Those who want to work on ships after this training must also be successful in the exams held by the Seafarers Examination Center (GASM) affiliated with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Candidates who are successful in these exams receive the title of "Language Shift Engineer". After 36 months or more of sea service as a "Long Sea Watch Engineer", they take the exam again and receive the title of "Long Sea Second Engineer". They take the exam again after 36 months or more of sea service as a "Secondary Oceangoing Engineer" and receive the title of "Language Chief Engineer". After his sea experience, he can undertake duties such as machinery inspector, personnel manager, technical manager and equipment engineer in shipyards in maritime businesses.

In addition, the fields in which graduates of the department currently work are as follows.

· Class societies (loyds),

· Insurance companies,

· Ship Rental companies,

· Ship repair maintenance, spare parts supply and ship sub-industry areas

· Natural gas cycle power plants, thermal power plants, diesel generators,

· Automotive industry,

· Technical services in touristic hotels and shopping malls

· Refrigeration and air conditioning industry,

· Offshore oil exploration platforms,

· Floating power plants

· Istanbul Sea Buses, Bursa Sea Buses, City Lines,

· Ship Survey Board, Port Authority departments of the Ministry of Transport,

· Research ships of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,

· Turkish Science and Technical Research Council (TÜBİTAK) Seismic Research ships,

Ministry of Customs and Industry ships

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